Off to Nationals I Go!

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since I headed to Atlanta for RWA’s National conference. A conference that will stay embedded in my memory forever since I was lucky and blessed enough to win the Golden Heart® Award for MIND SWEEPER.

And now I head to San Antonio for the RWA 2014 conference. And while I am not a finalist this year, excitement and anticipation are still front and center for me. This year, I am going with several goals in mind. What are they, you ask? You know me well enough now to know I will expound on them 😉

KNOWLEDGE – there is so much to learn at these conferences. Classes upon classes on craft and industry and self-pubbing and marketing, etc. So I have reviewed the plethora (cool word, right?) of learning opportunities and I have a plan on the courses I will take.

RELATIONSHIPS – the conference is a wonderful venue to meet and greet with industry professionals and fellow writers. I am looking forward to spending time with the other Golden Heart® finalists from last year, also known as my Lucky 13 sisters. There is something so amazing about spending time with fellow writers. We are unique and yet we are similar in our need to share out stories with the world.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – and of course, I can’t forget about the fact that I am publishing MIND SWEEPER this fall! And that is something that I will share at the conference. Marketing myself as best I can (Gulp!). Fun little giveaways for people will be my modus operandi.

And the final hope for RWA 2014 is that I have FUN and come home INSPIRED to write my next story. Ultimately when the hoopla dies down, it boils down to me sitting in front of my lap top and type, type, typing away…

But first, I have to get everything to fit in my luggage! Ughhhhh




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