You Don’t Know Me…Yet

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Last week I told you that I needed to start working on ‘the total package’. Getting my name and my book out there in preparation for my release. Now, you may ask how exactly I plan to do that. You are always so curious, my followers!

Well, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t know all the answers to this question. (Yes, I can admit to not knowing everything 😉 ).

So, in much the same fashion I have looked for experts to help me along the way in this self-pub process, I have decided to work with a PR person to help me form a plan. And you know how I am about plans…

So, you guessed it, I went searching for someone to work with. By now, you should understand the drill…

  1. I asked other authors
  2. I did research and then I did more research
  3. I narrowed down my list to two choices
  4. I spoke to them (well I guess I interviewed them, if the truth be told)

And then I fell into a quandary…because I liked them both for very different reasons. And so I stewed about it. I am all about stewing…ask anyone who knows me. How could I make a decision on WHO to work with?

And I stewed some more. Until a good friend and fellow writer said, in her practical, no-nonsense way, “Why do you have to work with just one?”

And the knots in my stomach loosened. The solution was so obvious that I had missed it. So I am working with both of them. And NO I am not weaving gold in my basement on my spinning wheel to pay for this…each one is doing a portion of my plan playing to their strengths. Because that is what this business is all about – playing to our strengths and looking to others to help us succeed.

Are you still with me? Well tighten your seatbelt, cause we’re not done…yet!


8 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Me…Yet

  1. Great post as always. You’re putting a lot of intense thought and work into making your debut novel a stunning success. I’ll do what I can to help.

  2. I’ve learned so much from your posts. I can’t believe that its been almost a year since Nationals and your Golden Heart win. What a great night! Thanks again for taking us on your journey to self-pub. Can’t wait to read Mind Sweeper. Have a awesome time in San Antonio. Bring me back a cowboy!

    1. Dyanne – Thanks! It is hard to believe it has been a year since GH. Wow, what a journey. I can’t wait for you to read Mind Sweeper and I will tell you all about San Antonio when I get back. Now, if I am lucky enough to lasso a cowboy, he will be staying with me!

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