The Total Package

My brother taught his children from a VERY young age the following:

Question from my Brother: “Who am I?”

Answer from his children: “You’re the total package.”

 Now, as you might expect, my brother is a bit of a handful and not egotistical AT ALL. But I have to admit it was very cute at the time. Now his kids are older and know much better 😉

 When I started to think about my blog this week this memory popped into my head. Why? Well on the one hand it’s because my brother is a noodle. But on the other hand as I prepare for the release of my book I have to look at multiple facets. What makes up my book? And how will I make my release a success? You have been traveling along with me as I found an editor, and a cover artist, and a proofreader, and a formatter… to make my book the best it can be.

 But it doesn’t stop once the book is available for e reader and print. There are other parts to this journey that I will share with you as we move forward. Pieces and parts that make up the whole. So I have the edits and proofreads done (check) the book formatted (check) the cover completed (check). Now I need to start the marketing and promotional aspect of this process. Gulp!

 Even though my brother has a hearty ego, I am a realist. People (aka potential readers) do not know I exist…YET. So out I go into the scary world looking for a way to get my name and my product (yes, my book is a product) out there. Over the next weeks I will share with you how I hope to become recognizable. Double Gulp!!

 Ultimately I have to work toward making my book ‘the total package’, and no, my brother has no say in this!


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