Where did Monday go?

Capture calendarHello my followers! Yes, my post title is very telling this week. Normally I post my weekly words of wisdom on Mondays but somehow it is Tuesday night and I am just now collecting my thoughts and typing them here. My time lately has become a bit frantic and forgetting to post yesterday actually plays into my subject for the week.

As you are all aware, I have been very busy with prepping my manuscript for publication this fall. And I have realized in the last few weeks that while I love the writing aspects of this journey, my one time ‘hobby’ as many would call it has now truly become a job.

When I told my one friend (we will call her glass-half-full, or GHF) that my writing had become a second job she smiled and said, why yes it has, but it’s where you find your joy and it will be all worth it in the end. I nodded and agreed with her because she is right in her GHF way.

When I told another friend (we will call her glass-half-empty, or GHE) that my writing had become a second job, she looked at me pointedly and said. This was YOUR choice, right? No one is forcing you to head down this path. I nodded and agreed with her because she is right in her GHE (or ‘cut the crap’) way.

And I think that I needed to hear both of these reasons to readjust my thinking. Afterall, I did CHOOSE to do this because it is where I find my JOY. Wow, leave it to my friends to head me down the right path again. As you know, I have repeated several mantras this year on my journey…BE FEARLESS, BE PATIENT, DON’T PANIC…

Now I have a new one. KEEP PERSPECTIVE. Yes, this journey is going to be hard and yes there are parts of this path (like other jobs) that I do not enjoy, but it is what I choose to do and it is what gives me an amazing sense of accomplishment.

So I  keep moving forward toward my goal and I listen to my inner voice (both GHF and GHE)  – PERSPECTIVE.

Now, before I sign off, I also want to give a shout out to another wonderful writer friend of mine, Amy Patrick who had her cover reveal today for her New Adult series that will be coming out starting in August. Go check out her amazing cover here!



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