Covers Revisited – Still Twitching

This week I’m going to expand on my decision process for picking a good cover artist. I talked about all the information to look for on the various cover designer websites in my last blog and now, I’m moving on to sending out questions to make a final decision on my designer.

So what questions am I going to ask? Well…here are a few things that I need to know before I sign on the dotted line.


  1. Timeframe – when would you be available to work on my covers? Please note, that this is a series, so I would need 5 covers developed.
  2. Series – since these book covers are part of a series, how would you link them together visually so that readers would know right away that they belong together?
  3. If you use stock photos, what is the copyright on those photos? Is there a limit to the number of copies that can be used? If yes, what would be the additional cost to extend that copy number?
  4. How much would it cost to find more ‘exclusive’ photos that are not being used on multiple covers?
  5. Would I need to mention your name on the copyright page as the designer? Would I have to mention the photographer on the copyright page?
  6. Any other clarifications that were not readily available on their website would also come into play here as well.

So, it sounds like I have everything figured out, right? I mean why would I be twitchy at all at this point? Well, I’m going to tell you (don’t I always).

I can have all the answers to the information I gathered in last week’s blog, along with answers to the questions I posed in this week’s blog, but that doesn’t mean that I know THE answer to THE question.

THE Question: What makes a GOOD cover that GRABS readers’ attention?

THE Answer: ________________

Because when it comes down to it, every person is different. A cover gives an immediate visceral response and you hope and pray that it is a positive one. You want that potential new reader to click on that teeny tiny cover they see on Amazon, read your blurb and scream BRILLIANT as they click the ‘BUY ME’ link.

I like to think that is what will happen with my book. But it all comes down to grabbing the reader’s attention and emotion. That is why I am STILL TWITCHING!

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