How I Recharge my Writing Batteries

Before I delve into this week’s topic, I wanted to let you know that the blurb poll worked! I actually had people who voted and 91% of you liked my Mind Sweeper blurb. Thanks! I will tell you that I have also received some suggestions for tweaking it a bit as well and I’ll be making MORE changes to it.  (yes more…a writer’s work is never done)

2014-04-28 17.20.41So this week I want to talk about re-energizing your batteries. And no, I don’t mean that manic little pink bunny with the drum. I mean, finding a way to keep your motivation and spirits up to continue down the writing path. Here’s the thing…writing can provide great joy and at the same time pull down your internal resources. On top of that, I have added self-publishing into the mix. I am not only depleting my batteries from writing, but from learning about what being my own publisher is all about. How do I recharge?

I went to a Writer’s Conference this past weekend in Chicago. The Spring Fling event is a two-day extravaganza where like-minded people congregate to learn and support each other. Writers are unique. We live in our heads a lot and most of our writing is done alone. And with all this ‘aloneness’ the mental monsters (as I like to call them) come out to play. Is the story I am working on good enough? Am I kidding myself about this goal of being a writer? Am I doing this whole self-pubbing thing right?

Well, you get the idea. But here’s the thing. When you are sitting in a room with other writers who are thinking the same thing and sharing their anxieties and triumphs, it is the equivalent of an adrenaline shot to the heart. And we all need that every once in a while. I attended workshops about craft and marketing and reviews and heard key-note speeches from three wonderful best-selling authors who push through their self-doubt and write the best books they can. And they keep doing it.

Perseverance, patience, fearlessness. Do those words sound familiar? They should since I have been pounding them into my head (and in extension, your heads) this year. It helps to know that others are supporting me as I support them. And that brings me to my last point – friendship. This writing path I have taken has led me to amazing new friends who hold me up when I falter, and cheer me on when I succeed. Energy is transferable and supportive friends are the quickest way to push me (gently, of course) toward my publishing goal.

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