Oh, the Cur-sed Blurb!

Wikipedia defines a blurb as “a short summary or promotional piece accompanying a creative work.”

AE Jones defines as blurb as “an instrument of torture that few authors recover from.”

Okay, so I might be exaggerating, slightly. Writing a blurb that encompasses your book in a matter of a sentence (in the case of a pitch) or a paragraph (in the case of a promo) or a couple of paragraphs (in the case of your back cover and/or ereader blurb) is VERY, VERY difficult.

 I honestly think it was easier for me to write my entire MInd Sweeper novel, which is over 90,000 words, then come up with my blurb, which will probably be less than 250 words.

Why? (You always ask the important questions, my followers)

Because of the importance of every word. Of course a blurb summarizes the story, but it has to relay so much more than that. It needs to hint at the characters and the relationships and it needs to give you an idea of the type of book it is, where it takes place. (deep breath in)  And let’s not forget the tone of the book. How do I convey sarcastic, and funny, and yet serious as well. In two paragraphs? Do you see what I mean?

 So over the past several weeks I have been taking a stab at my blurb. And I realized that I am NOT an island. So I have multiple people looking at it as well and making suggestions.

And here’s the added pressure. For an unknown author, the cover and the blurb are the two things that help sell your book. It is also what appears in your promo materials and on blog sites.Gulp! How’s that for doubting your blurb…

So this coming up week, my plan is to finalize it and then maybe I will share it with you next week to see what you think. Does that sound like a good idea to you?


7 thoughts on “Oh, the Cur-sed Blurb!

  1. Ah, I too am looking forward to it! I’ve been curious about your book since finding out about you winning the Golden Heart. Will you be in San Antonio in July? Wouldn’t it be nice to have Mind Sweeper published by then? I hope to see you there, with your book in print and digital.

    1. Thanks for your interest! I will be going to San Antonia in July and am very excited about it. I don’t know that I will have Mind Sweeper out by that time. I am figuring out timing as I type this and realize I still have a LOT to sort out, so I am trying to be patient and not rush things…

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