I Got my Edits Back…And my Manuscript Wasn’t all That Bloody

You heard it right, my followers, I got my edits back on my Mind Sweeper manuscript. And I will admit that my heart started jumping just a little bit before I opened the file. What would I find there? Could I handle it?

The answer? I found quite a few redline edits (hence the bloody reference) and yes, I could handle it. Remember my new mantra is BE FEARLESS and that is what I intend to do this year. Luckily Ms Editor (aka ME) did not find any major content errors. So she moved on to two types of edits.

The first type of edit is what I call the ‘nitty-gritty’. ME went through each sentence with an eye for detail, helping with word choice, awkward phrasing, and general massaging of my sentences so that they flowed better. Apparently there are a couple of words that I like to use A LOT and she helped get rid of those. It was exciting to see how these changes could polish my story.

The second type of edits were done in comment bubbles and they made me THINK (no you can’t avoid thinking by hiring an editor, I’m afraid). ME asked questions on the story or confirmed what I wrote is really what I wanted to say. It was also where she suggested changes for me to consider.

first-aid-kitSo I spent the last week cleaning up my bloody manuscript and accepting most (but not all) of the changes. My editor does a great job of making me sound even better (which is exactly what you need in an editor). But I also have to be careful to remember that this book is mine. Not every suggestion has to be taken. And that is where the real decision-making comes into play. It would be really easy for me to simply accept all changes in the document. Would have taken five minutes versus the week I spent reviewing it.

But the story is ultimately my baby and I am very happy about the direction has taken. I just need to remember to stock up on bandaids and ointment for the future!


5 thoughts on “I Got my Edits Back…And my Manuscript Wasn’t all That Bloody

  1. Love the “bloody” manuscript reference 🙂 LOL and the ME reference. I found the same thing when I got my changes back from my sample from my ME (sounds doctorial, i.e. medical examiner or this case the manuscript examiner). It was really great seeing the ideas they came up with and I was so excited at how they really did sound better and it’s true that I didn’t have to take all of them, but I took most of them because it really did sound better. 🙂

    1. Hello Number 1 Fan – good to hear from you! I don’t know if the overused words would be called ‘favorite’. I have a tendency to use th word ‘grab’ or a variation of it more times than I care to admit. I also use the word ‘headed’.
      My favorite words would be the ones I make up, of course. They are always much more interesting than normal words!

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