Oh Yeah, I Have to Keep Writing!

As a writer, I have to write. Sounds ridiculous, huh? But here’s the thing. You can get so caught up in everything ‘else’ that you lose your focus and the reason you started to do this in the first place.

I have always written in one fashion or another my entire life. The stories form in my mind and they need an outlet. Think movie trailers that repeat themselves over and over again – that’s what happens when I get a story idea.

In the past while I was waiting to hear from agents or editors that I queried, I would write or drive myself insane with anxiety. Plus the added benefit besides the distraction, is that the more I write the better I become!

pen-and-paperNow that I am on this crazy indie rollercoaster ride I also have to keep WRITING. Besides saving sanity and honing my craft, I have to keep writing because I need more stories. As an indie writer, I will not sell my book and then have a huge lead time before it is published. Instead, I plan when my books are released. And I need to release more than one a year to be successful in the marketplace.

So I am now writing my novella that I talked about in last week’s blog. It will be the second ‘book’ in the Mind Sweeper series and will focus on Jean Luc, who is Kyle’s enigmatic vampire teammate. How cool is that! And as much as Kyle, my heroine, wants to constantly be the center of attention, she will not play a part in this novella. Instead we get to spend time in Jean Luc’s brain as he tracks a supernatural killer. Hee, Hee!

And finally I get to the most important reason why I have to keep writing. It makes me happy. When the words are flowing, I feel like a kid on Christmas Day-excitement mounts as I unwrap the present and the story unfolds in front of me. How could I ever give that up?


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