No Rest for the Wicked or the Indie Author

zzzMy editor is diligently working on edits to my manuscript (Is it just me, or does it sound cool to even see ‘my’ and ‘editor’ in the same sentence!). Does this mean I can sit back and relax? Oh no, my followers, I think not. Remember that I have a lot to learn and even though I have made some huge steps, the research doesn’t stop now.

As I jump into this indie pool, I need to think about my overall plan. And the plan is multi-tiered, right? Yes, I have found an editor, check. But I also need a cover artist, a formatter, a proof-reader, etc, etc, etc. And we will get to all of those, I promise. But first, I want to think about my actual work. Mind Sweeper, the book my editor is working on right now, is the first novel in the Mind Sweeper series. I have the second novel written as well and there will be a third novel to round out the story. Series books do well for indie authors, so that is a plus for me.

And as I have been researching the ‘world of indie’, many authors state that you need to have several books available for your reader in order to grab their attention and get your name out there. If your first book is good, then your readers want to have another book in their hot little hands in VERY SHORT ORDER. Now, here is where the interesting comes in and where my mindset has changed. ‘Books’ do not have to be full length novels. They can be short stories or novellas. Why would I want to do this? I’m glad you asked, my followers, let me explain why providing variety in book lengths is a good idea:

  • it allow the writer to tell a story that might not fit into the novel, but is nonetheless important to the overall story arc.
  • it allows the writer to shed more light on secondary characters 
  • it allows the reader to get their next ‘fix’ while waiting for the full length novel to come out
  • it allows the reader to learn more about the overall world through various stories/scenes and points of view.
  • it provides the writer an avenue to give their readers what they want without waiting for large amounts of time between writing full-length novels

Whew, does that not boggle the mind? A lot to think about, I know. So what does this mean for me? Well, I have decided to add in some novellas into my three book series. I will have a novella about one of secondary characters which will release after my first novel. Then I will release a novel, then a novella, then the final novel.  Do you see the pattern? This not only allows me more creativity and flexibility, but it also becomes part of my overall marketing plan (tricky, huh?).

Heck, depending on how things go, I may work on several more novellas in this Mind Sweeper world. My secondary characters, who are quite delightful (if I do say so myself) want their stories told. So who am I to deny them their time in the spotlight?

3 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked or the Indie Author

  1. Such exciting news! So you’re going to put a novella in between each Novel. That is a nice idea. I like it… 🙂

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