Too Many Eggs in One Basket

So my followers, I left you last week with the wonderful image of comparing my self-pub journey to that of an excited child just before the whistle blows for an Easter egg hunt. If you will forgive me, I plan to expand a bit on this metaphor since it works for where I am at this moment. Picture this…

It is now after the hunt and my basket is overflowing with plastic eggs. Which egg should I open first? Each one has a different surprise inside. Each small toy or piece of candy wrapped in shiny paper calls to me, “Pick me first! No, pick me first!”


Why is this image so befitting my emotional state this week? Because I am still in the research stage (which I have realized will NEVER completely stop even after I have released my series). There are so many different things to think about on this indie expedition. And it can be VERY overwhelming.

I am reading several self-pub books right now (If you are looking to do the same, search on self-publication on your e-pub sites.) as well as plowing through indie-loops. You can find these loops by simply googling for ‘self-pub loops’ or ‘self-pub romance loops’ etc. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions of author-friends who are further down this path than you. 

Each nugget of information I gather from these different sources is wrapped in a shiny wrapper and seems as important as the last. So what do I do? Much as the excited child does at Easter, I begin opening the candy and eating it as fast as I can. Well, you can imagine what that does to me.

Information OVERLOAD. Stomach hurting, head swirling, I wonder if this is too much for me. And then I step back and take a deep breath. Remember, I have a new mantra this year and it will be what I repeat over and over to myself when I start to waver – BE FEARLESS!

Here is the other cool thing about self-pubbing, I am the boss. So I can decide how long this journey is going to take. One step at a time. It is time to concentrate on one aspect of self-publication and learn what I can before moving on to the next. I can do this.

I am going to open the yellow egg first and see what is inside. Savor it for a moment before reaching for the lavender egg that looks so enticing.

So tell me about what is overwhelming you in your writing life. I promise a sympathetic ear and no pop-psychology answers…cause then I would have to charge you and you couldn’t afford my hourly rate! 😉


4 thoughts on “Too Many Eggs in One Basket

  1. I have found the same to be true since I have also decided I am not waiting forever to publish, whether traditionally or self, It is all very overwhelming. I have come to the conclusion, though, it will be wonderful — this Journey we are on! Continue to BE FEARLESS!

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