Patience is a Virtue

Have I sufficiently driven you crazy waiting to hear about my writing reveal? I know that it’s been a full week since I ‘cliffhanged’ you. Remember, my new mantra in regards to my writing is BE FEARLESS. So I will now reward you for your patience…

I have decided to self-publish my Mind Sweeper series. Wow, you might say. Does that mean I’m ready to load my books onto Amazon? Heck no! This is where real patience comes in. I have to learn how to self-publish first. Or let me correct my last statement.

I have to learn how to CORRECTLY self-publish first. 

Is there more than one way, you might ask? (you have some good questions today, my followers). While every writer’s journey is different, so is every independent (indie) author’s journey as well. But there are some fundamental truths that should be learned before I simply slap up my manuscript on epub sites.

So step number one is research. Boring, I know, but necessary. Here’s the great thing-there is a plethora (cool word, right) of information available on-line and in self-pub guides to get you started. So for me, I am reading and searching for info that will help me plan my self-pub journey.

And since I like to keep my followers informed, I will bring you along for the ride. As a newbie, I can offer little practical self-publishing advice. Instead, what I will try to let you know as I figure out this great adventure is how it makes me FEEL.

So before I sign off from this week’s blog, I will let you know that I have been toying with self-publishing in the back of my head for months. When I finally made the serious decision to go for it, I felt like a kid right before the whistle sounds at an Easter egg hunt. I am staring over the park and I see hints of colored eggs peeking up through the grass. I hold tightly to the handle of my basket and wait in glorious anticipation for the sound that will send me running off for my treasures.

That’s where I will leave you this week, my followers – anticipating what is to come.






13 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

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  1. Congratulations! I think that is a wonderful decision. I will be following because I am on the same journey 🙂 I may be self-publishing too 🙂

      1. Thanks! It looks like something I can definitely learn from. That’s the cool thing so far with this process, everyone is so willing to help!

  2. Very excited for you. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and journey with us. I’m looking forward to beinning able to read Mind Swipper. Can’t wait !

  3. Kudos to you for looking at your options and making the choice to move forward to publication on your own terms! I’ve been keeping my eye on the self-publishing option in case it is the avenue I use when ready. Also interesting is the hybrid model some authors are choosing to follow. While I’ve downloaded, but haven’t read them yet, I wanted to pass along a few titles highly recommended to me: “Write. Publish. Repeat. The No-Luck Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success” by Sean Platt and Johnny Truant and “The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing” published by The Indie Voice LLC (a mix of 10 NYTB authors).

    1. Barbara – thanks for the book suggestions. I have the Naked Truth and am reading it now. I have also heard good things about the other book as well. This is definitely an exciting time to be a writer. We have options!!!

      1. You are welcome, Amy. I’ll be adjusting my schedule to get back to some NEORWA meetings, so I hope to see you there. Got one more link for you. It is from the blog of Dana Lynn Smith, author of the Savvy Book Marketer. Her blog has that same title. I was reading another article and clicked on the “aspiring authors” tab at the top. Not a fan of the “aspiring” label, but I digress. 😉 On that page, she lists a number of resources and about halfway down there are some great ones for indies. Hope it is helpful!

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