My Sunday Bush Excursion

2013-10-30 17.59.49No, I was not in the Australian bush this weekend my followers. The bush I refer to above was one that I purchased at a greenhouse. Of course I have a story attached to it (don’t I always). I went to the greenhouse to find a replacement bush for one that had died in front of my house. I at least had enough common sense to take a picture of my other (still living) bush so that I could buy something similar.

When I showed it to one of the workers he declared it was a burning bush and took me to their supply. I pointed to one of the larger bushes and asked if he thought it would fit in the back of the small SUV I drive. “Of course!” he proclaimed, “We will wrap it up and then slide it in the back, no problem!”

No problem! I thought and pointed to one of the larger bushes. He directed me to the front of the football-size building and had me pay for my purchase. I then was sent to the side of the building for the ‘pick up’. I backed my car up and before I could get out of my car another worker started to load the bush – the UNWRAPPED bush – into my car. Inwardly I rolled my eyes and stood beside him as he attempted to cram the bush into the car. “Is that going to fit?” I asked. “Sure, no problem!”

After I pulled both seats flat in the back, the bush finally squeezed into the small space and off I drove. I headed home (without changing lanes since I couldn’t see out the rearview mirror) and my father (aka handyman, gardener, whatever I may need him to do) planted the bush for me. And I swept out my dirt and leaf-laden car!

So how am I going to relate this to writing? Well…writers often try to do too much in a scene or story, much like cramming a large bush into a small car. You need to concentrate on – What moves the story along… What makes the characters grow and change… If you throw everything but the kitchen sink into the story it can become disjointed and your reader gets lost. Left with leaves littering the space and a sense of being overwhelmed and or frustrated!


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