Timeless Writing

imagesclockOn Saturday I was driving down the street and saw a large, bunched up pile of carpeting lying next to the road. It was shag carpet – LIME GREEN shag carpet to be exact, and I laughed to myself as I flashed back in time to when bell bottoms and peace symbols were in vogue.

It got me thinking about popular vs. timeless. Some things are a flash in the pan. Popular for a few days or months or years and then gone (in truth, some of these trends should have never have been born 😉 ). Other things are timeless and carry over the decades – think little black dress.

GOOD writing follows the rule of being timeless. It survives over the decades or centuries and allows us to relate to a world that is nothing like our own. Look at Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books. A frontier family that is still read today by phone-toting tweeners, Why? Because the story is about exploration and survival. It is about friendship and endurance and ultimately the love of family. THAT is timeless and it sucks countless generations into the book.

Whether the story occurs in a carriage, car, or rocket ship, it is timeless if it reflects those emotions, hardships and triumphs that we can all relate to. GOOD writing makes us come back for more.

So what other examples of timeless writing can you think of?


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