Clarification to ‘Bring on the Cold’

On Wednesday I blogged about writing more now that cold weather had finally attackedimagessnow my corner of the world. But there is some clarification in order on my statements since apparently the weather gods took my declaration as a full-fledged winter attack.

I said to bring on the COLD, not snow, ice, slick roads & power outages. Someone got a little carried away upstairs. So I apologize for all of you who were hit with this weather. Usually my wishes are not fulfilled with such fervor.

But we often get more than we bargained for, right? This is the case in writing as well. Whether it is creating a character or hammering out a plot, additional traits or twists and turns sneak into the story. I am a firm believer that the characters often surprise you as they come to life on your pages. They become three-dimensional and let the writer know when something is lacking from their story. Is it more conflict? A fear that you didn’t realize they had at first? And as the characters change, so does the story. It is enriched by the surprises unearthed in your scenes.

It keeps the writer guessing which is why I keep writing and it hopefully keeps the reader guessing so that they can’t book that book down!



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