Bring on the Cold

thermometerBefore I explain what I mean by my blog title, let me preface it by saying:

  1. I did not fall and hit my head AND
  2. I am not one of those avid ski/snowboard junkies.

Actually I do NOT like the cold (which is unfortunate since I live in a the northern part of the US). It makes me want to hibernate. Images of hot chocolate and blankets waft through my frozen brain cells and I bemoan my blue fingers and toes. So why, you ask, would I want the cold?

If you have followed my blogs for a long time, you know that seasons affect my writing. When falling temperatures and snow (blech, I hate that word) become the norm, I actually find myself EXTREMELY productive. I am not distracted by sunshine (since there is very little) and the idea of being outside is not even on my agenda. Instead, I curl up with my laptop and type, type, type. And it is that time once again. The temps are dropping and the weatherman mentioned possible flurries tomorrow. Time for me to charge my laptop’s batteries and plan the next few writing months.

Maybe it is good that I can equate productivity to bad weather – at least I am getting something out of it!




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