What My Father Had to Say

This weekend I read a couple of my blogs to my mom. She normally reads them, but had gotten a wee bit behind. My father who reads my blogs was also in the room. When I had finished reading, he smiled and announced, and I quote, “you are full of BS.”

Just so you know, BS does not mean ‘beautifully sweet prose’.  It means what you think it means. After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I glared at him. He grinned again, and defended himself stating that all writers need some form of BS in their blood or they wouldn’t be able to tell a story. And that made me pause. Was he right?

Yes and No.

imagesCA71HGG6YES if you consider BS to be more like blarney. A stretching of the truth to weave a tale that is entertaining. That I buy. There has to be a kernel of truth to ground the reader in the story. Then the story builds from there and provides twists and turns that a reader can believe.

NO if you consider BS to be boldface lying. Then I would argue that a GOOD writer does not use this form of BS or readers would abandon the story before the end since it becomes so fanciful that no one will read it.

So I was able to gain some blog fodder from my father’s statement, which in itself was ironic since he is a fantastical story-teller and has much more Beautifully Sweet prose in his pinkie finger than most have in their entire body. My brother is the exact same way (his initials are actually ‘BS’ so I think my mom hit the nail on the head with him). Is it any wonder I am a writer?



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