Is Relaxation Just a State of Mind?

So at work we have a healthy initiative program going on right now. Most of the time these initiatives center around some sort of physical activity like walking. This time, our activity is about stress reduction. In other words relaxation. And it got me thinking (what else is new you answer sarcastically…now, now, sounds like you may need some stress reduction as well, my followers). Anyway – I started thinking about writing and the idea of relaxation.

imagesCAWAM236Now readers will tell you that books relax them and this is true. But for writers, they don’t necessarily see their job as necessarily relaxing their readers. It is SO MUCH MORE. Writing is about engaging the reader through well-rounded characters and wonderful plot lines. Emotions also play a huge role in good writing. Emotional development and growth pulls the reader into the story and keeps them coming back for more. By losing ourselves in a ‘good book’ – whether that book scares the bejezus out of you or makes you laugh until your sides ache – readers are lulled away from their day-to-day struggles and ultimately find a way to relax. So you give the reader what they want and the author also gets what they want – the satisfaction that they have written the best story the only way they know how. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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