I Took a Vacation

You may have noticed that I did not write a blog on Friday. I’m sure you were all sitting at your computers or phones until midnight on Friday waiting breathlessly for my next blog, right? (Well, a girl can dream can’t she?)

I took a vacation day on Friday (yahoo) and apparently that meant my brain took one too. I thought all day long that it was Saturday, so I did not write a blog. I mean, I don’t write blogs on Saturday so no reason to worry about it…until the actual Saturday happened the next day and I realized no blog had been written. Was I then a responsible person who sat down and wrote my blog the next day? Obviously not. So today is my day to blog (it is Monday, right?) and ask you forgiveness.

Sometimes it helps to take a vacation from writing. If not it seems like your creative juices dry up and the words scrape painfully from your brain to the computer screen (imagine fingernails on a blackboard). I was talking to a friend who has been writing everyday non-stop for weeks and is more than burnt out. Take a day – heck – take a couple of days and walk away. Ultimately if you are dreading writing it will show in your words (trust me I know this from experience). Then once your brain has taken a vacation, you can attack it again with a fresh perspective.

So maybe my subconscious knew I needed a blog vacation and decided to trick me into confusing Friday with Saturday. Are you buying that? Not so much? A girl’s got to try (after all I do make up stories for a living – well, not a living, but you get the idea).



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