I’m Melting

sunSo today I sat outside with a couple of friends for lunch. We are having a warm snap and anyone who lives in Northeast Ohio knows that you have to absorb as much sunlight as you can before the winter trundles in and stays for way too long. But today we sat outside and the sun beat quite soundly down on us. We finally had to come inside when one of my friends announced that she was melting.

To me sitting outside in the fall sun is taking advantage of things when they present themselves. The same goes for writing. Since I work during the day, I have to find time to write in the evenings and weekends. Snippets of time that I can use to my ‘creative advantage’. I have to plan time for writing (my favorite), editing (not my favorite), researching agents/editors (necessary but again, not my favorite). Did I mention how much I like writing? Anyway, time is a commodity and must balance my writing with all the other things I have to accomplish.

Guess what? Sometimes those other things get postponed. I mean, how clean does my house really need to be? My cats don’t care and if I have a choice between dusting and writing you know what I am going to choose!

What I am trying to say is that you should take advantage of the time you have to do what you really WANT to do.

And if you decide to visit me, just call ahead and I’ll dust and sweep before you get there. Really!

4 thoughts on “I’m Melting

  1. Don’t bother. If it iritates someone to see the dust in your house, then they should stay home. They aren’t true friends. (Except your mom.)

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