Had a Psycho Experience

showerWhen my mother was little, Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, Psycho, came out in movie theaters. My mom begged to see it, but my grandmother (a very smart woman) told her no. Did my mom listen? Nooooo. So she walked uptown to the movie theater with her friends and went to the movie (now that I think of it, there must have not been movie ratings back then since a bunch of kids bought tickets, anyway….I digress).

When they left the movie theater it was dark and my mother remembers RUNNING all the way home. The shower scene traumatized her. Remember that back then that type of scene had really never appeared in movies before. To this day my mom cannot take a shower when no one else is home.

So last night I was (you guessed it) taking a shower and was home alone. I heard a thunk and my mind immediately jumped to Psycho. I stopped myself from screaming, turned off the water and slowly opened the shower door. Sitting in my bathroom was my cat, Dillon, who had opened my bathroom door and pushed it against the wall – hence the thunk. After calling him a little %&$#. I caught my breath and attempted to settle down.

Of course the experience got me thinking (As you are well aware by this time, anything can be used for blog fodder). So today, I am going to talk a bit about fear and the fact that it comes in all shapes and sizes.

With my writing, I fear that:

  1. I am not a good enough writer
  2. I won’t get published
  3. I won’t succeed in publishing

And the amazing thing about this is that I have talked to multi-published authors who STILL fear that they are not good enough writers. Others fear that they won’t truly succeed. And all of this negativity (cause that’s what fear is) can stop us in our tracks.

Fears are oftentimes irrational and so I tell my rational self that I can accomplish what I set out to do. The writer I was a couple of years ago is NOT the writer I am today. I have learned and improved. And while the contest wins help prop up my ego, I know that I still have to work hard to succeed. I ultimately need to define my idea of success. Success needs to be measured in steps, not leaps and bounds. Perseverance and patience are my motto!

And next time I make sure my bathroom door is shut tight. Stupid cat…


2 thoughts on “Had a Psycho Experience

  1. I think the fear of failure is the worst. Self-doubt keeps you from achieving success whether selling your book, going after that high paying job or finding Mr. Right.

    1. I agree. Fear of failure can cripple you, but (as pat at this saying is) if you don’t try you have already failed. And in that case you have nobody to blame but yourself. So forge ahead Miss Barb!

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