This is My Lucky Day

I went to my mailbox this weekend and pulled out a large stack of mail. Mostly junk mail, of course. And I sat in my car and sorted through the junk. One large envelope claimed that I might have WON something. All I needed to do was scratch the squares and see what I won and then go to a car dealership and claim the prize. Now, I didn’t bother to scratch anything since I knew it would tell me I was a winner of a VERY IMPORTANT PRIZE. But what did catch me eye was the coin that was in the envelope.

On this ‘golden’ coin were the words, “This is My Lucky Day” with shamrocks. I smiled and pulled the coin off of the envelope. There was that sticky stuff on the back of the coin (you know what I am talking about) and I took that coin and stuck it to the dashboard of my car. Why not? Everyone can use luck, right? Maybe if I look at it every day it will make me think positively and not grumble (I can be a grumbler if I’m not careful).

Sunday morning, I climbed into my car to head to church. I smiled again at the coin and turned the key. The car went ‘click, click, click’ and didn’t start. I waited a second and tried again. Darn. So I pulled out my trusty cell phone and called, you guessed it, my father. Who came down, popped the hood, made me start it multiple times and concluded that it was broken. So he went home and got some more instruments to test my battery. Then we jumped my car, took it to an auto parts store and had the battery replaced (for those of you who were wondering, there was a dead cell in my battery).

As I drove away from the auto parts store, somewhat poorer, I pointed to the coin on my dashboard and smirked. So much for this being my lucky day. My father, in his infinite wisdom, corrected me. “I would say it was your lucky day. Having your car not start in your garage is a heck of a lot better than breaking down on the side of the road or in a parking lot somewhere else” (I had completed quite a few errands on Saturday and had driven all over the place that day with no car trouble).

And I guess that was the lesson in all of this. I can look at my day-to-day frustrations and dwell on them – When will I get published? Why have I not heard back from that editor or agent or ______________(fill in the blank)? But if I listened to my father, I need to consider the big picture. If I’m too busy looking at the rocks in the road, I miss the road itself and surrounding scenery.

So I had to agree that he was right. In the grand scheme of things it was my lucky day after all. Oh, and the coin is still on my dashboard.

2013-09-16 12.31.57


2 thoughts on “This is My Lucky Day

  1. Good news, bad news. He’s right, you could have broken down in a bad part of town, in a rainstorm with no cell phone reception. It’s a glass half full scenario. Your father is a positive thinker.

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