Loving in Small Doses

In the past I have talked quite a bit about my cat, Dillon. He is a lover and wants to be the center of attention so he steals the limelight quite often. Tonight, I’m going to talk about my other cat, Maggie. She is a sweet little calico who lets her brother think he rules the house, but I know the truth. Maggie is the instigator. If something is going on, odds are she is the one who started it. And when I go to investigate, she runs off leaving her brother holding the bag.

2013-09-13 20.08.32Smart little minx, right?  While Dillon needs constant attention from me, Maggie chills out in her own independent fashion. But when she wants lovin’ watch out. She will get on my lap and NOT GET DOWN. Purring and drooling (yucky I know, but some cats do this when they are really happy) she gets a dose of affection that lasts her for several days and then she comes back for more.

For romance readers, a good book can be the equivalent to a ‘dose of affection’. Writers give romance readers the ability to experience a plethora (interesting word, huh) of emotions. If I am doing my job right, I provide you with laughter, tears, anger, contentment, happiness, frustration, well…I could go on. It’s a catharsis for the reader. And what makes it all the better is the emotions are attached to characters who we root for, not our own issues that we face everyday.

Right now, Maggie is perching on my lap and has her head tucked under my arm. She is purring like a crazy cat, and I know that she’ll get down in a few minutes and prance away. Sooner or later she will be back looking for love. And I’ll give her the affection she needs. Hopefully the same holds true for my readers as well.




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