Halloween I See you on the Horizon

Yes, I know that it September and I am NOT wishing away the month, but if you have been reading my blogs for a while you know that I LOVE October. It is a month of craziness (self-induced, of course). I should have known that I was destined to write paranormal since I have a ridiculous obsession with Halloween. So much so that I have two parties (one for my friends/co-workers and one for my neighborhood).

What does this include? Food, decorations, gift bags (which of course are themed) and COSTUMES. Costumes for my two parties and a costume for work. Yes, I am nuts, but it is fun nonetheless. I guess I am a kid who never grew up. For me, Halloween lets me be creative. Each year I try to ‘one-up’ last year’s work costume (I was Napoleon Dynamite in 2012 and Olive Oyl the year before that – go figure!).

imagesCA21FVZCI ultimately get to play a character and in essence that is what a writer does as they create their scenes. We get into the minds of our characters imagining what they would do when faced with multiple situations. What emotions resonate? What physical reactions do they have? What doubts, fears, jealousies do they face or ignore? What do they finally conquer to be with the person they love? Or what allows them to finally solve the mystery?

See what I mean. Maybe I am not soooo crazy (no comments, please). When I write, I get to act out characters all the time. What a fun way to spend my time!


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