Words are my Friends, Honest!

imagesCA9MWZS6As a writer words are definitely my friend (best friend, really). With any best friend relationship it can be tempestuous.  There are ups and downs, make ups and break ups. Some days, I harmoniously work with Words and I giggle or shed a tear as they help create my story and pull the reader inside.

Other days my best friend and I battle over how a character speaks or a scene plays out and it can get UGLY. Last night was one of those occasions. On the one hand I was happy that I was able to actually write since it has been about a week since I had sat my bum in a chair, but it did NOT come easily. Words decided to abandon me.

But I can be just as stubborn. I jutted my chin out, sat down at my kitchen counter and typed away. Then stopped, paced the floor and sat down again. I looked at my phone – nothing. Why wasn’t Words returning my call? Or a lousy text? How could she abandon me when I finally could sit down and get back to writing?

Then I remembered…duh! I had abandoned her, hadn’t I? Between the holiday weekend and my cold, I had spent little time with Words. As a matter of fact, I read all weekend – other people’s words – which meant I had been cheating on her as well. Sigh.

So today I am writing this blog to my best friend hoping she will forgive me and work with me tonight on my manuscript. I am at a GOOD spot in the book and I need all the help I can get!

Mea culpa. My friend.


One thought on “Words are my Friends, Honest!

  1. This is a fun post, but so true. Sometimes the words won’t come and other times you can turn them off even if it’s two o’clock in the morning.

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