I am Flummoxed

Now before I tell you why I’m flummoxed, I would like to spend a few seconds admiring the word itself. It’s a cool word. It just sounds RIGHT. And it conveys a stronger message (in my opinion) than saying I am confused. There is more agitation associated with it which gives it more power. I could spend hours just listing favorite words. Maybe that is a topic for another blog?

imagesCAWKCP67Okay, back to the subject at hand. I am flummoxed over my current work in progress (WIP). The paranormal characters in this book are not your standard vampire, angel or demon. Instead I have created something new and different. Now I thought when I first started this manuscript that I was exceedingly clever in creating something new, but now I am struggling. I am at a point in the book where I have to explain WHAT the paranormal are and I don’t have a good basis to do that…DUH.

So now what? I have to really build a history for these characters. This history may not be outlined verbatim in the story, but I have to create the background to move forward. My first question surrounds their origins.

Why do they exist?

  • Are they part of a government experiment? (always easy to blame the government, right?)
  • Are they mythological creatures? If yes, what myth – Greek? Roman? Another European country? India? China? America Indian? (decisions, decisions)
  • Are they ‘spin-offs’ of other creatures?
  • Are they aliens?
  • Are they sent from God?

Do you see my dilemma? I have to sort through all of these choices (And add a few more) before I decide WHY my characters exist. And that is just the beginning. Wow, I am suddenly very tired.

This is especially hard for me because I am not a plotter by nature. So to step away from the story and develop this is stepping outside my comfort zone. But that makes it all the more important that I get this right. Readers want to understand the myth that surrounds the paranormal characters. It is all fine and dandy to create something new, but it must have some sort of foundation to draw from in order to provide meat to the story.

So I will slog through my flummoxed brain and create my new and different characters. I can do it. Honest. Really. You believe me right? I’ll keep you informed…

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