I have Expectant Father Syndrome

Did I get you attention? Good. I love it when that happens. Right now you should be asking yourself how I could have expectant father syndrome? Well, let me explain how I have lived with the syndrome for the past couple years.

Winning the Golden Heart ® this year has been the highlight (so far) of my writing career and the excitement surrounding it is contagious for my friends, family, and followers. Now that the excitement is dying down, everyone has been asking me ‘have I heard anything yet’? They are anxious to know what if anything has happened. And I have to explain that much of the publishing business is about waiting. Waiting to have an agent respond to you, whether it is in regards to a query, a partial or full manuscript request. Waiting to hear back from an editor who is reading your manuscript. If an editor is interested, you still have to wait while they pitch your manuscript to the rest of their colleagues to get buy-in for your baby.  

And THAT is the crux of expectant father syndrome. Once my material is in the hands of these agents and editors I cannot force them to read my work, I cannot force them to like my story or characters or laugh at what I think are the funny parts. I can hope that they like what they read and want to see my work published like I do. But ultimately I am like an expectant father who cannot speed that baby to be born any sooner.

imagesCASAM44GI can take solace in knowing that my friends and family are also suffering from the syndrome with me. There is power in numbers, right? At least I won’t be alone in the waiting room!


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