The Geese are BACK!

Back in the spring I wrote a blog about the brush I had with geese we have at work (GH 23 – Run from the Goose Day). Well I’m here to tell you that their baaack! Yes it’s true. But this time they’re much more relaxed. Remember in the spring that their ‘craziness’ was due to protecting their nests. Now they’re on a last-minute vacation soaking up the sun before they start their long trek.

So why do I tell you this? Because it’s all about the cycle. These birds come to the same spot every spring to have their goslings, then they visit again before heading south to spend the winter before starting the cycle back over again. For authors, writing is a pattern as well. The pattern may be different depending on the writer, but it is a pattern nonetheless.

We start with an idea – which becomes a plot – which involves characters – that have conflict (hello would be boring otherwise).

Now the writing begins (for me it does since I am pantser. A plotter would write an outline at this point). And I write and I write and I write with some editing as I go since I am part of a critique group and usually run chapters by them. Once the first draft is complete – the real fun (or agony depending on who you ask) begins. Edits – content (does the book make sense) – then line edits – then proofread.

Is your head spinning yet? Cause once you get done with ALL of this, it’s time to write your query letter and your synopsis and then research your agents/editors and start sending out your baby.

Gulp, double gulp.

Then what? You start all over again. You don’t want to sit tapping your fingers on your desk waiting for that agent/editor to get back to you. You will go bonkers (trust me, I know). So ideas evolve, plot emerges, characters form and you keep moving forward hoping that while you create your new work, you will finally get ‘the call’.

Our geese visitors can be seen below. I’m trying not to take it personally that they all walked away from me when I tried to take their picture!

2013-08-14 18.26.39


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