I’m in a Friday Kind of Mood

I love Fridays. For obvious reasons – last day of work, heading into the weekend, etc. But there is something special about my mood on Fridays. I can be upset about something earlier in the week (remember, my followers, I have told you I am a ‘bit’ high strung) but when Friday rolls around that problem doesn’t seem so burdensome. I am more relaxed on Fridays (honestly sometimes that might be associated with exhaustion, but I’m trying to write a positive blog today so we will call it relaxed). Ultimately I can push away my worries for a couple of days and rejuvenate for the week coming up.

2013-08-09 16.04.57And that got me thinking. That’s why books are SO addictive and important. It puts the reader in a ‘Friday Kind of Mood’. It allows them to escape from their problems, to push them away for a while why you journey to a townhouse in 1820’s London, or another planet for that matter. Don’t we all need to rejuvenate our minds as well as our bodies?

As a writer, I help readers escape to a place where daily problems and frustrations don’t intrude. And that is heady stuff. But as the writer I also get to escape as well. When the scene is unfolding and I am part of it, I get the same buzz as a reader does. Maybe that’s the reason a writer truly writes. Because we escape the daily grind and build a world that WE get to control. One that puts us in a ‘Friday Kind of Mood’.:


4 thoughts on “I’m in a Friday Kind of Mood

  1. I love Fridays too. Everyone is more relaxed. Wish I was with guys at the Margie Lawson Workshop. Learn a lot and tell me what I’m doing wrong.
    Barb H

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