I am (kind of) Famous!

As part of my promotion plan (remember writing is much more that creativity) I told you last week in my ‘Did you Miss Me’ blog that I sent out news releases to various papers about my recent Golden Heart ® win. Today my article appeared in one of my local papers. Yay me. (Not that I am egotistical or anything).

imagesCADALZATIn all seriousness it is a great opportunity to get my name out there. True I am not published YET. But I will be someday SOON and I want people to know about me. Since my winning manuscript takes place in Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs, it makes sense that I will find interested readers in Northeast Ohio.

I have been reading a lot lately about creating a brand as an author. Ultimately my brand is ME. That is kind of scary when you think about it. AE Jones is a brand. What exactly does that mean? I hope that means that I am approachable, funny, somewhat sarcastic and witty. My writing falls in this realm (or at least I think it does 😉 ).

So I hope to convey this with my website, tweets, and Facebook page (gulp). It takes a lot of work to build a brand. I jokingly told a co-worker the other day that I would have never guessed that my MBA would play a part in my writing career, but as I head down the path I am in the business of writing.


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