Went on a Book Vacation

Today I went on a vacation without leaving town. No, I am not crazy. I read a couple of books. I am a very fast reader and so I gobble up books rather quickly. They are a means of escape and you can relax and experience a multitude of emotions while reading – a catharsis if you will.

While on my book vacation, my cats (yes, I ONLY have two – not reached crazy cat woman stage yet) can lounge in my lap without disturbing me (unlike when I write as described in my ‘writing Thwarted by a Cat’ blog).

But the interesting thing about reading books now that I am a writer, is that even though it is a vacation of sorts, it is a ‘working vacation’. I can no longer read a book without mentally editing it (especially if there are typos). I also find myself looking for motivation and conflict and believable characters. And when I find the really GOOD books, I try to figure out WHY I like them so much. Because ultimately it can help my writing.

So even though escaping is my main motivation for reading, I also find that both the bad and good aspects of each book I read will help me become a better writer. There is no real rest for a writer. We are constantly trying to be better, even when we read other authors.


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