Can you Suffer Withdrawal from People?

It has almost been a week since I came home from conference and I am suffering withdrawal. Not from the energy or the awards ceremony, although those were both wild and wonderful things, but from the people. This year was especially great because I got to meet almost all of the Golden Heart ® finalists. What a phenomenal group of women.

Even though we write differently and even though we each have our own unique process, we are still the same fundamentally. We love to write. It is part of our DNA. As if we are aliens hiding among humans but when we run into each other, there is instant recognition of our ‘alien-ness’.

For months now, the finalists have been talking to each other on a loop so in some ways we knew each other BEFORE we actually met. And our camaraderie solidified when we came face to face. When I left last Sunday from Nationals, I was sad. In some ways it reminded me of the feeling I had when I graduated from college and left my friends behind.

So when emails started to appear on the loop after we arrived home from conference, I was elated. We decided to check in with each other as a group each Saturday so that we don’t lose touch with each other. It is too important that we stay connected so that we can support each other, learn from each other, and cheer each other on.

So to answer my blog subject question – yes, I think you can suffer withdrawal from people.

Writers can be solitary creatures. So it is very important to hang onto the relationship we have. Stay connected. Stay informed. Stay sane (or talk each other off the ledge when we are rejected once again).


Some of my GH Finalist friends! (from left to right) Chris, Sheila, me, Joanna, Oberon, Dawn & India (thanks for sending me this photo, Chris!)




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