Writing Thwarted by a Cat

Yes, you read that correctly. My cat is thwarting my writing. How you might ask? Well, I like to write at my kitchen counter. When I sit there, Dillon (as in the cat that had a panic attack – see blog GH day 68 for more info) jumps up on the stool next to me. If he is being a ‘good boy’ he will sit quietly and let me type. I will periodically reward him by petting his head and he will purr lightly while the muse takes me to paranormal places.

But when he is a ‘bad boy’ he sits on my lap and places his front paws on the counter as if he plans to type. If I attempt to reach around him, he butts his head against my hands and insists I pet him. Since I was absent most of last week, you can imagine that right now Dillon is being a VERY BAD BOY.

So I lavish him with attention and gain blog fodder. Distractions are inevitable. How writers deal with them is the question. Sometimes you have to let the distraction win. Other times you push the spoiled cat off your lap and start typing again. But there needs to be moderation in your decisions. Writing can consume you until you would rather spend time in your imaginary world than the real one. What? You ask. Look at it this way. As a writer I control the world I create. This is a very powerful thing. The horrible things I see on the news don’t have to exist in my world and I can have good win out over evil. Heady stuff, no?

So while I type this and my cat keeps his head bumping against my hands, I decide that tonight is a night that I will let the distraction win.

2013-07-26 21.23.24 See what I mean…..2013-07-26 21.23.08Whoops…he heard me!


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