And the Beat Goes On

I have a question my followers and it is an important one. How do I unwind from last week? I am back at work and that is definitely bringing me back to reality 😉 but I have moments where I feel like I am still flying. Last week was magical even BEFORE the awards ceremony. When you are surrounded by people who get you and what you love to do, it is very hard to let that go.

And the beat goes on…I have to direct my brain back to my life – working during the day and frantically writing and sending out queries at night. But I can do it. I am rejuvenated. I have been provided a large dose of incentive in the form of an award and I will work toward my goal of publication. Ultimately, that is the reason why I started blogging in April of 2011 to begin with! To travel the path of publication and have someone love what I write. Sometimes it feels like a lofty goal, but if what I wanted was easy to accomplish it wouldn’t really be a goal would it?

And the beat goes on…



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