How Grateful I Am

Today I need to take a moment and thank my family and friends who have put up with me since March 26th. Under normal circumstances I am ‘slightly’ high-strung, but given the last few months, I would say that high-strung has morphed into neurotic, spastic, and hyper to name just a few!

And my friends and family have been with me the entire time – laughing, crying or somewhere in between. I have needed their support and have received it in abundance.

The night of the awards ceremony when I sat down at the table after my Golden Heart ® speech and my hands stopped shaking, I texted ‘I WON!’ to my family and friends. The responses poured in…I knew it!…I told you so…I am so proud of you…Oh may God! (Yes it said ‘may’ not ‘my’ – my Dad was a little excited when he got my text message and sent it back that way, which I will always remember!).

And I realized that I am so lucky. Not because I won the award (although I am beyond excited that I did) but because I have family and friends who believe in ME. Who pick me up when I become discouraged. Who cheer me on every day. Who have more confidence in me than sometimes I have in myself. This is a true gift. One that I refuse to take lightly.

My first day back at work was amazing (and I don’t mean the work part – sorry Boss). What I mean was that I walked into the office and found a gold star above my office door and a banner entitled ‘We knew her when…’ Inside my office (I was afraid to open my door) I found a spider web of red and black streamers and balloons.  How can you not love a group of people who are as excited about my accomplishment as I am?

And once I finished retelling my experience multiple times, one of my dear friends2013-07-23 13.35.15 presented me with a gift. A perfect, perfect gift that I will treasure forever.

The word grateful doesn’t seem strong enough.

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  1. That’s so cool, Amy. What a great bunch of co-workers you have. Congratulations again on winning! I looked over at your table and gasped. You were sitting next to Eloisa James. Next year, I want table #55. 🙂

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