Time to Update my GH Project Plan

So for those of you who have been reading this ‘incredibly insightful’ 😉 blog since I got the call on March 26th announcing that I was a Golden Heart ® finalist, you will remember that I created a Project Plan.  I entitled it ‘Golden Heart Finalist to Published Author’ or ‘GHF 2 PA’ for short. Well updating needs to be done to my plan right?

Up to this point I have been concentrating on preparing for Nationals and what that wonderful event would have to offer me. Now that Nationals is past phase two begins, as in the published author part of this plan. Many of you have been asking me “What does winning the Golden Heart actual mean?”

Well, obviously it means elation and happiness. But it also means recognition that as an author you may actually know what you are doing. Or at least are heading in the right direction. So now comes the time to reach out to agents and editors and tell them what Mind Sweeper is all about. This manuscript has a golden heart attached to it which should help me market my work. I have told you before, my followers, that writing is complex.

Why? Because it is about creativity AND business. Writers are all about the art, but we also need to be savvy as business people as well. So not only am I trying to learn how to write better, but I also am trying to absorb the BUSINESS of writing. Wow…kind of makes my head hurt a little bit. But I have to move forward and plan for my career in writing.

Oh, and I guess I need to rename my project plan as well to ‘GHW 2 PA’ – Golden Heart Winner to Published Author.  Still basking in the glow – can’t help myself!


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