GH day 116 – aka ‘What-an-Awesome-Day Day’

Yes I know, I missed my blog last night. But remember that I warned you that might happen. Yesterday was full of workshops and book signings (imagine hundreds of crazed romance writers in a room with free books and multiply this by a thousand). This conference is amazing and inspiring. And will serve to energize my writing once I actually recover for a few days!

I also attended my costume party dinner last night and had a great time dressed up like a black widow. I received a number of comments as I walked through the lobby (blush, blush) .

Today I had two, yes I said two pitches. Both went well and I was asked for the full manuscript. Yahoo. I also went to a reception tonight where my name was announced as a finalist and I received a certificate while published writers clapped for me. What an amazing feeling. A precursor for tomorrow night maybe?

It is hard to believe that it is finally here. Tomorrow is the awards ceremony. I actually have to go to a rehearsal at lunchtime before the awards to practice in case my name is called. So I will have one more time to break in my shoes before the big event. Be thinking about me tomorrow night between 8 and 9 pm EST my followers the time has FINALLY come!

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