GH day 113 – aka ‘I am Leaving on a Jet Plane Day’

The day has finally arrived! Very shortly, I will be heading to the airport for my flight to Atlanta and the RWA ® National Conference! Wow, what a trip this has been and I haven’t even boarded the plane yet. My bags are packed, my itinerary is planned and I am ready to go, go, go!

113 days since I got ‘the call’ telling me that I am a Golden Heart ® finalist. Many of you have been with me for every crazy day and I thank you for your encouragement and support. I know that I will have a wonderful time at nationals and am sure to form many new relationships.

I also hope (actually I know) that I will have awesome stories to tell when I get back. How could I not? Thousands of writers spending time together and feeding off of each other’s energy. I look forward to all of it.

As an author this is my opportunity to learn and soak in the experiences like a sponge. Workshops, the ability to meet editors and agents and learning more about the business of writing are some of the things on my very busy agenda. And I also have to sit back and appreciate all that these 113 days have given me – an appreciation for my writing and what is has done for me to this point AND what it can do for me in the future.

Next step – publication!

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