GH day 112 – aka ‘Last Chance to Break in those Shoes Day’

I am heading to Atlanta tomorrow and what am I doing now? Walking around my driveway in my high heels. Why am I doing this? That question must have come from one of my male followers (not trying to be sexist here, stay with me). New shoes, especially heels can be dangerous if the bottoms aren’t scuffed up appropriately. So I am walking around on the concrete, scuffing away. As I have been telling you over the last few months, I have had visions of my face-planting on stage if my name is called at the awards ceremony. So I am walking around one last time in these shoes and I am sure my neighbors are getting a laugh out of seeing me in said heels and shorts. I guess you can say I am channeling my inner Daisy Duke!

2013-04-13 20.12.50 My instrument of torture!

Writers’ manuscripts also need to be ‘scuffed up’ a bit before sending to agents/editors. What do I mean by this? Well, (and this is my opinion) usually the first draft of a manuscript needs to be edited. Whether this is by the help of critique partners or beta readers or a writer’s group, running some if not all of your manuscript by another set of eyes is a good thing. What makes perfect sense to me, since this is my world created from my imagination, does not necessarily make sense to someone else. So let other’s ‘try on’ your manuscript and scuff it up a bit. I have gotten some great ideas from my critique partners in the past. And as I head to Atlanta I hope to share my manuscripts with a bunch of people. They should be thoroughly scuffed up when I get back!

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