GH day 111 – aka ‘Time for a Little Distraction Day’

Oh my followers, today is the last full day that I have before heading to the conference. Actually, let me rephrase that. Today is the last full day I am not working before I go to the conference. I actually am in good shape (with all of my ridiculous lists, how could I not be?).

This morning, I cleaned my house (what!? you ask). I did this for two reasons. One, because I am going to be exhausted when I get home and will not want to face a dirty house. And two (and more importantly) I distracted myself from thinking about the conference. And I also came to the realization that my first boss was not crazy.

Years ago when I first graduated from college, I worked for a CPA who did tax returns. Needless to say, the months of March and April were NOT much fun around the office. Piles of receipts and returns everywhere. And as the days drew closer to April 15th, and the work didn’t feel like it would ever get done, there would be a day in the midst of this where my boss would suddenly decide to clean his office, or look at a new software program, or find some other project that kept him from completing those dreaded returns. And each year I would shake my head and think he was crazy. But I get it now.

Distraction. He had to give himself a break from the pandemonium or he would never make it. So even though he didn’t get much accomplished on that day, it would revitalize him for the rest of the tax season. For me cleaning the house was my break from the craziness that I will face this upcoming week. And tomorrow when I am at work, I will again distract myself from the conference for a few more hours before reality sets in and I head to Atlanta. Now don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about going as you, my followers, can attest from the last 111 days. But anticipation is very different from the reality.

So I ground myself in the mundane (how can dust bunnies and scrubbing toilets be anything more than mundane) for a few more hours to give my nervous system a break before it roars into hyperdrive this coming week.

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