GH day 109 – aka ‘My Communication Strategy Day’

tin-can-1Today I am thinking about HOW to communicate to my friends, family and followers while I am at the national conference next week. I have been asked by NUMEROUS people to keep them apprised of what happens and I am happy to comply, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

What? you answer. We are surrounded by technology, how can this not be easy? True enough, but not all of my friends, family and followers are on the same form of technology. So I have had to plan this out accordingly (you know me by now, you know how much I love to plan).


Now, texting and tweeting should be something I can keep up with. Blogging is something I will ATTEMPT to do while at national’s but I can’t promise that it will happen daily, my followers. And if it does, the blogs will more than likely be short, sweet and to the point.  My calendar floweth over next week and I will need to find the time and a computer to send you my words of wisdom.

But communicate I will. A writer can always find the words, it’s just the vehicle to communicate that can stump us sometimes!


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