GH day 108 – aka ‘Time to Make the Donuts Day’

Okay, not really. Had you going there, didn’t I? I mean, who would have ‘make donuts’ on their list of things to do before going to Atlanta…. Actually, what I mean by this is that every day SOMEONE gets up at some ungodly hour in the morning to make donuts for the rest of us shmucks who want sweets for breakfast. And that has to take discipline.

images donuts

Today was a very busy day at work and I did not have time to write my blog at lunch. This evening my mother reminded me (thanks, Mom) that I had not written my blog yet. And so I pulled out my laptop and started typing – why? Discipline.

Writers are disciplined. Sure we talk about creativity and world-building and learning the craft and having fun. But the bottom line is that authors who want to be in the ‘business of writing’ have to brainstorm, plot, write, edit, and/or promote themselves on days where they would rather sit in the bathtub with a glass of wine and jazz playing lightly in the background. Sure we LOVE what we do, but we also know that it takes discipline to pull it off. Have you picked up today’s theme? Good.

I think this is hitting close to home for me because the last week has been crazy and I have not been writing like I normally do. When I don’t write it leaves me a bit hollow inside and I get this crazy feeling that my creativity is leaking out of me somewhere (my ears maybe?) and I am losing valuable scenes and ideas. So between now and when I leave next Tuesday, I am going to put away my list and all the insanity surrounding my trip and write. After all that is why I am part of this whirlwind Golden Heart ® journey to begin with!


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