GH day 107 – aka ‘Time to Write a Speech Day’

images podGULP! Double GULP! I have been putting this off as long as I can. It is time to write my acceptance speech in case I am lucky enough to win the Golden Heart ®  paranormal category next week. I mean, my followers, you wouldn’t want me to hear my name called and stand in front of 3000 people with my mouth hanging open and no words to say, right? Me either!

So it is time to write a few words down JUST IN CASE. Where to begin? Well, I have a lot of thank you’s to voice, so I must organize my thoughts on who belongs in that long list. But I also want to throw out a few words about how I am feeling about being a finalist and what this process has meant to me.

I have already discussed my fears about this speech (GH day 94 – aka ‘I am a VIP Day’) and the fact that all the words I will potentially gush while standing on stage are very important. To writers, words mean EVERYTHING. So I take a deep breath and stare at the blinking cursor on my screen and start to type my speech. And those same feelings of nervousness, anticipation and exploration that I have when writing my stories surface as the words take form. The only difference is the heroine in this story is me! And I don’t have superpowers…at least that I can talk about.


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