GH day 106 – aka ‘Time is Running Out Day’

‘Holy Guacamole Batman!’ In a week I will be flying to Atlanta (sorry I channeled my ‘inner Robin’ for this.) So much to do! So much to do! So much to…well you get the idea.

Take a deep breath you say? Haven’t I been working toward this for 106 days? You’re right, of course. I can do this. ‘I have the technology’ (sorry, now I am channeling the Six Million Dollar Man). I have made lists and lists of lists that I have written and re-written. I have gone shopping and have MOST of the things I need. I have even made sure that all of my stuff fits in my suitcase. There will be no surprises next Tuesday – I will not sit on top of my suitcase in order to zip it closed!


But I still have to work on a few things. I need to finalize my pitch for my manuscript and print that off. I need to organize all of the info (blurbs, data, agenda) I’m taking with me and put in my little handy-dandy notebook with pockets. I really should be in my glory now since my OCD is kicking in and I am an organizational addict. But my nerves are also starting to quiver just below the surface. Tini-tiny butterflies that hopefully will not turn into Mothra the Monster when I arrive in Georgia. 

But I have to look at this as an awesome opportunity. To meet new people and form new relationship and learn, learn, learn. New experiences are good, right? How else do we grow, if we don’t ‘go where no one has gone before’ (okay, I couldn’t help myself with that last reference – bad, I know, but I was on a roll).


2 thoughts on “GH day 106 – aka ‘Time is Running Out Day’

  1. Breathe, Amy!
    LOL! Since we’re on the same plane, I really hope Mothra doesn’t appear.
    I keep thinking I should actually write my list down, instead of keeping it in my head.


    1. You’re right, Di – I need to take a deep breath. I will make sure that Mothra does not show up anywhere near the airport! If you need help writing a list, I have a couple to spare!

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