GH day 105 – aka ‘A Costume is a Girl’s Best Friend Day’

If you have been following me for a while you are well aware of my favorite holiday, but for those of my newly-minted followers I will tell you that it is Halloween! It really should not be a big surprise for many reasons that I will elaborate on below.

  1. Hello…I write Paranormal. So Halloween is right up my alley. Vamps, witches, demons, spiders, black cats. Love, love, love it!
  2. I get to be a kid again (heck, an imaginary character), how can you not enjoy that!
  3. COSTUMES. This is my true obsession with the holiday. Each year is a new challenge for me coming up with a costume for my 2 holiday parties and my costume for work

So why am I telling you all this in July, right before I head to the national conference?  I am going to a dinner/costume party at the conference. Hee, hee! I am so excited. The theme is ‘southern gothic’ which is such an awesome mash-up of ideas, it is making my head spin at the possibilities! So in the midst of all the things I am trying to finish before heading to Atlanta, I am also working on a costume as well.

If I think about it, being such a fanatic about costumes is an extension of me as a writer. A costume is so much more than cloth, wig and makeup. It is developing a character/persona that resonates with people. They can take one look at you and know who you are and what you represent. And it also includes your surroundings as well. When I plan a costume for work, I also take props for my desk. Little details make both the Halloween characters and the characters in my manuscript shine. Give characters dimension and they are memorable to your readers.

So today I’m planning my character for the dinner in Atlanta. And to add more pressure to this whole thing, I keep having to remind myself that this costume has to fit in my suitcase along with my other ‘normal’ clothes!





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