GH day 103 – aka ‘Visiting my Youngest Fans Day’

Today I am posting this blog early since I will be spending the day with my nieces and nephew. Yahoo. True enough I am more than likely biased, but they are the three most wonderful kids around – smart, funny, full of energy – they make me laugh and love them to pieces. They also are fans of mine. They ask me how my writing is going when I talk to them and they want to know if I have written anything about them (LOL).

One of the things they don’t grasp (as most children are prone to do) is the amount of time it takes to actually get published. They were so excited when I told them I was a writer, but as the months plod on, they don’t understand why my books are not on the shelves or available for download on their ereaders. And as much as I try to explain that persistence is the key and continuing to write and learn is what will help me get published, sometimes, I would like to join their chorus of ‘why are you not published yet’ as well.

But I revel in their enthusiasm and hope soon to be able to tell them that I am going to be a published author. When I explained to them about my finalist nomination, my oldest niece announced that she was coming with me to Atlanta! What a sweetie. But no, she will not be traveling with me this time. Instead, I will have absorb their enthusiasm tomorrow and carry it with me next week when I travel to GA for my conference. Who knows (knock on wood) maybe my next call to them will start with “I won!”

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