GH day 102 – aka ‘Blog Milestone Day’

Yahoo my followers! Cue balloons and confetti. It is official. Today is my 100th blog since starting this crazy adventure as a finalist for the Golden Heart ®. If you remember back to GH day 100 when I learned how to count (not GH day 100 redo) I explained that when I reached day 102 I would have penned 100 blogs! And I have, so I did – pen 100 blogs that is!

Wow, I am a bit amazed at myself. When I got the call on March 26th letting me know that I was a finalist this year, I enthusiastically announced to the world (well, actually to all two of my followers) that I would write daily blogs until the conference. And yes, I have no excuse for my zealousness other than to say I was high on endorphins from learning I was a finalist. The reality of my proclamation sunk in about a week into my blogging frenzy. I had to blog until MID-JULY! What in the world was I going to talk about? How was I going to keep this train on track and running with me as the conductor, ticket taker, engineer, and coal stoker? (I know, I know, sounds a bit antiquated, but I’m using it for the imagery.)

 But I have kept the train moving and learned  a lot about myself in the process. And even though I sometimes do dread my daily blog, it isn’t the writing aspect of it, but rather the idea of it. Once I know WHAT I want to write about that day it flows from my fingertips. And today is a celebration for me. A milestone that I will cherish. Yes I can WRITE a daily blog. And you should celebrate as well my followers for READING my daily blog. Please share in a virtual toast to both of our accomplishments!




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