GH day 101 – aka ‘Blurb Invades my Dreams Day’

No, a blurb is not a giant monster scaring me as I sleep. Stay with me till the end and I will explain.

Why are blurbs sooooo hard to write? A blurb (or premise) is a sentence. A SENTENCE. I write thousands upon thousands of sentences in my manuscripts. But summarizing your work into 30 or fewer words can be more trying than writing your entire manuscript. Now, for those of you who have been following my blogs, you know that I already wrote a blurb for my Golden Heart ® finalist manuscript – thank God. But today I was working on my sentence for me newly completed manuscript, For Better or Worse. I want to have a premise for that as well since I am not JUST trying to market Mind Sweeper at conference.

Well, I worked on the blurb this morning with no success. Then I went to my parent’s house to celebrate the holiday with them. In the afternoon I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I took a nap. Oh it started out glorious enough, after all, how often do any of us really get to enjoy an hour or so napping? But while I was sleeping, words bounced around in my head. My subconscious was trying to write my blurb! If only I had listened more carefully, maybe I wouldn’t have been struggling this evening with this dratted sentence. So I have taken a break from formulating my sentence – A SENTENCE – to write tonight’s blog. Now I venture back to try all over again. I am tenacious. I have to be.


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