GH day 100 redo – aka ‘Fireworks Day’

You read that correctly, my followers. Today the city I live in will have our Independence Day fireworks. In the past, the celebration has always been on July 4th, but due to budgetary considerations it has been moved to the 3rd. To be honest I was a bit upset about it. I mean, it seems sacrilegious not to have fireworks on the 4th – kind of like eating steak instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.  But then I reminded myself that there are many towns that no longer have fireworks at all. So I should be happy that we still celebrate this holiday, right?


I guess what I am trying to say is that I need to be flexible. Flexibility is also vital for a writer for a variety of reasons.

Flexibility with time. Writing is a time suck. It can consume you. Sometimes an idea comes to you and you just HAVE to write it down. Other times you have to balance your writing with the rest of your life (eating and sleeping are the first two that come to mind).

Flexibility with writing. Best laid plans are not always fulfilled. I can sit down and promise myself that I will get through a chapter and if I am writing well I can plow through that goal as well as start the next chapter. But I may also sit down and stare at the blank page. The scene does NOT want to play out for me, so I write scenes that do come to mind. Now these scenes are further in the book but they call to me and insist on being written first. Again I have to be flexible.

Flexibility in re-writing. This one may be the most important of all. There are very few (if any) writers who type ‘the end’ on the first draft of their manuscript and then they are done. As in no re-works or edits. We will edit the manuscript at least once before we send it out to agents and editors and if we sell it, then we will run through edits two to three times with the publisher as well.

So on the day BEFORE the 4th of July I prepare for fireworks. I will still ooooh and aaaah over them regardless of the day.

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