GH day 99 redo – aka ‘Two Weeks and Counting Day’

Before I delve into today’s blog, I have to correct something from yesterday’s ramblings since it is driving me crazy. Yesterday’s blog title was ‘Reflections from a Dentist’s Chair Day’. When I started thinking about that, I knew that it should have been ‘Reflections from a Dental Chair Day’ – after all, I am NOT the dentist and was NOT rolling around on her little stool which is what the Dentist’s Chair is! So, sorry for any confusion if indeed you thought I might have attempted to take over her office and see patients.

Now on to today’s thoughts. Two weeks until I leave for Atlanta! If you remember in the very beginning of this daily blog journey (GH day 3)  I talked about keeping a project plan. I named the plan – ‘Golden Heart ® Finalist to Published Author’ or ‘GHF 2 PA’ for short. At first, I was actually numbering and listing my tasks as part of my journey. But about a month into this grand plan I started to get annoyed by the numbering which meant you, oh followers, had probably gotten annoyed even sooner than that! So I interspersed my task blogs with blogs about daily events and how they affect my writing.  

It is amazing to me how everyday reflections have taken root as blog fodder. What is even more remarkable is that I have been able to link these ideas to writing. I guess I AM creative (I know some of you may have had your doubts 😉 )

Since we are on countdown status now, I have revisited my project plan page (Project Plan – GHF 2 PA) and added the various unnumbered tasks I have completed. Over the course of the next two weeks I will be talking about additional tasks I need to finish prior to taking flight as well.So hang on tight. It should be a rollercoaster ride!

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